Missha - M Signature Real Complete Blending Primer

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Brand: Missha
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Glowing primer that blends with BB cream to provide shine, long-lasting and highly adhering benefit to the skin.

The M Signature Real Complete Blending Primer contains glossy skin oil with a high refractive index and micronized interference pearl to provide shine to the skin while helping to express a healthy skin tone with a natural glow. Its lasting polymer provides a moist texture when combined with BB Cream resulting in long-lasting makeup.

It contains more than 50% of moisturizing and firming essence ingredients like fermented yeast ingredient and snail slime extract, making the skin moist and firm without feeling heavy under makeup.

Directions: Blend it with BB cream or foundation and gently apply it following skin texture.

For powder application: use powder brush and apply lightly to express a more glowing benefit.(Recommended blending it with MISSHA M Signature Real Complete BB Cream).

For more glowing benefit:
Apply 1 part BB Cream to 2 parts Primer

For more coverage:
Apply 2 parts BB Cream to 1 part Primer

Volume: 45g

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